Conveyor System Component Fabrication

Fabrication For Conveyor System Components

Conveyor systems are the backbones of production lines, and PBZ Manufacturing can readily produce custom metal components for these material handling resources. If you’re looking for a partner that can manufacture components for your conveyor system design, our company specializes in all-in-one solutions and offers a wide variety of service capabilities. We partner with leading conveyor system designers to fabricate the essential components, while ensuring the output quality meets your standards and fits your budget.

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Custom Part Fabrication

We fabricate tracks and bins for the material handling conveyor systems that industrial operations depend on, and the essential framework for supporting sheet metal components. We can also shape pieces for entirely new requests, or create wholly unique parts at our facility in Lititz, Pennsylvania. No matter what your metal conveyor system needs to include, we can manufacture parts with specific dimensions for any project. Additionally, our on-premises Keystone Koating plant can meet all your powder coating requirements to deliver a finished product.

Conveyor Component Fabrication in Pennsylvania

PBZ knows that manufacturing depends on efficient and effective assembly lines for moving and storing items, and you rely on a quality-driven company to provide them. Throughout the region, we work with demanding industries to provide custom metal components for material handling systems. We can also provide efficient, cost-effective contract shipping and logistics solutions to enhance your company’s order fulfillment capabilities.

We can produce storage bins and other parts for metal conveyors. PBZ creates these components for metal material handling systems that deal with anything from compact, lightweight products to bulky, heavy parts. We custom fabricate metal pieces and structures that serve in numerous industrial applications, including parts for:

These systems carry packages and luggage at various speeds for sorting mail at post offices and handling luggage at airports.

Conveyors with rollers move products and materials down the line for transporting items at facilities and warehouses.

Pallet systems transport large and heavy-duty products while keeping them secure for the safety of nearby personnel.

These specialized conveyors grip materials such as bottles and containers for printing, coding, capping and other tasks.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities for Conveyor Systems

PBZ has the tools and technology to follow through on the entire process, from building the parts to shipping them out. We work with prints and models to customize structures and pieces for your desired product, providing 3D CAD drawings in Solidworks based on your design requirements to ensure our finished product suits your application. Our services also include:

Partner With Pennsylvania’s Premier Manufacturer for Conveyor System Parts

At PBZ Manufacturing, we offer a rapid reply within 4 business hours when you request a free quote. Put our resourcefulness to work for you, and create exactly what you need as part of our metal fabrication services.

If you’re searching for belt-driven conveyor parts, we make the components you need to get the job done right. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is just a click or call away. If you need additional information, please contact our team today!

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