Metal Fabrication for Alternative Energy

A Reliable Manufacturer of Metal Components

With renewable energy usage expected to expand by 2030, PBZ Manufacturing ensures a sustainable future by offering metal fabrication for alternative energy. In fact, the International Energy Agency (IEA) proved that renewable power was the only energy source for which consumers demanded an increase in 2020. Renewable energy manufacturing plays a vital role in the growth of this industry. 

PBZ is a reliable manufacturer of metal components that are critical to the clean energy industry. We have experience custom manufacturing parts for the companies that build solar-powered systems. The employees at our facility in Lititz, Pennsylvania, are all dedicated, experienced professionals who will ensure you receive only high-quality products.

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Your Solar Carport Components Manufacturer

As part of our metal fabrication services, PBZ makes the framework, structures and pieces for solar carports, canopies and panels. Parts designed for green energy projects need to be lightweight and durable to meet the highest standards of safety and performance. Our trained and skilled team manufactures precise metal components for the job. We fabricate custom metal elements such as panels, tubes and frames for structures including: 

  • Solar carports: These customized parking structures offer an alternative solution to heavier, more costly solar panel roof mount systems.
  • Solar canopies: Canopies can provide shade and save space for parking lots with various part configurations.
  • Solar panels: Solar panel setups create and supply energy for homes, restaurants and other structures through the use of sturdy components that withstand the elements.

PBZ’s process allows customers to request highly customized configurations. You share your prints and models for what you envision, and we work to bring your custom ideas to life. For example, we can manufacture the metal structure that the frame and panel sit on or even the metal frame that holds a solar panel.

Alternative Energy Parts Manufacturing Capabilities

Solar-focused companies need sustainable, long-lasting pieces and parts to complement the values of their business. Since your main concern is providing alternative energy solutions to the community, PBZ’s priority is saving you time, money and effort with our versatile alternative energy parts manufacturing capabilities. 

We are fully equipped to provide services like metal fabrication for alternative energy and can perform these tasks and more in-house.

Learn More About Alternative Energy Metal Fabrication at PBZ

PBZ Manufacturing understands the value of sustainable solutions for Pennsylvania and the surrounding regions. If you’re looking for a manufacturing partner with the knowledge and skills to manufacture new and exciting options to the specific dimensions you need, contact our team to learn more.

Since 1947, we’ve maintained a reputation for resourcefulness, and encouraged our partners to push us toward continuous improvement as we all learn more about alternative energy parts manufacturing. Our respectful and resourceful representatives are more than happy to help you. Reach out to our team for more information and request a quote today!

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