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As a full-service metal manufacturer, PBZ offers a comprehensive range of solutions for improving your processes and increasing profitability. If you’re searching for a reliable source for tube bending, tube forming and pipe cutting in Pennsylvania, we’re the one-stop shop for everything you require. We eliminate timely and costly steps from the supply chain while delivering quality tubular parts and products that fit your particular requirements. No matter the scale of your tube bending project, PBZ manufacturing is ready to assist you.

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Custom Tube Bending Services

PBZ manufacturing utilizes a Horn Machine Tools CNC Tube Bender withdraw bend and roll bend capacity up to 2-3/8″ round tubing and 2″ sq. tube. With our top-of-the-line tube bending equipment, our experienced team is capable of bending and forming parts and materials into virtually any shape depending on your project specifications. Whether you need mandrel and compression bending, spiral, roll, rotary draw or push bending, our tube bending services have you covered.

As an experienced tube bending company in Pennsylvania, we’ve played an important role in countless projects for all different industries and applications. We’re capable of providing tube forming for handrailsfurniture, health care and food and beverage processing equipment, hydraulic lines, exhaust systems and a variety of other parts and products. From aluminum to different varieties of bendable metal and steel, we have the equipment and custom capabilities to provide custom tube bending solutions. 

Learn more about our tube bending services for these specific shapes.


Round tubing typically responds better to shaping, making it ideal for applications where tube bending is a key process. Round tubes also work well for projects where the finished product must have a lightweight design, like a bicycle frame. 

With its round shape, this tubing suits applications where users may want a more comfortable grip — think handrails, furniture and playground equipment. We can also create round tubes designed to transport small amounts of gases or liquids.

Round tubing offers more structural stability since it evenly distributes any force applied to it. Round tubes will also be slightly lighter than square options at the same lengths. It’s also easier to insulate, seal and thread these tubes, making them practical for a variety of projects.


While round tubes are structurally sound, square options offer impressive rigidity that makes them useful for various demanding uses. We’ve formed square tubes for projects like vehicle frames, trailers, agricultural machinery and other transport equipment. You’ll also see square tubing in custom exercise equipment for gyms and other facilities, which requires durability and a professional finish. Square tubing is suitable for more aesthetic builds, like fencing and railings or wherever you need sleek, modern lines. 

In general, square tubing is useful if you’ll be:

  • Attaching hardware, like bolts, to the tube 
  • Welding the tube, especially in precise or tough-to-reach applications
  • Fitting the tube into a tight space
  • Using the tube for decorative purposes
  • Installing multiple tubes side by side where you don’t want to waste space

Depending on the thickness and general size, square tubes are generally easier to cut than round options. They’re also easier to work with in general, streamlining assembly. Work with PBZ, a tube bending company offering assembly and other value-added services to get all the help you need from one place and save time.

We provide round and square tubing in various dimensions — check out the tables below for more details about each option, like tube size and center-line radius measurements.

Do you need assistance determining which of our tube bending capabilities will suit your needs best? We’re ready to help with our full-service offerings that range from engineering to manufacturing and shipping. We can also go over what types of tube bending services will work for your projects, following practices that offer precision and shape accuracy.

Pipe Cutting Services in Pennsylvania

We offer pipe cutting services in Pennsylvania and the surrounding regions that save your business time and money. Our knowledgeable representatives and technicians will work with you to identify the processes and services suited to the application at hand. PBZ is continually reinvesting in our equipment, staff and facilities to offer cutting-edge wire, tube and pipe cutting services to keep your projects on time and within budget.

We offer:

  • 2D flat laser cutting using Mazak Optiplex for cutting up to 1″ for mild steel, 1/2″ for stainless steel and 3/8″ for aluminum for design and prototyping to cutting and final production
  • 3D structural tube cutting lasers offering exceptional accuracy and consistency while reducing labor and shortening lead times compared with using traditional methods

Full Capabilities 

Sch. Pipe

Size CLR (draw) CLP min (roll) Collet Depth Inches/Degree Clamp Length
3/4″ 2.5 6.25 1.375 0.04363 2.5
1″ 3 9.5 1.625 0.05236 2.5
11/4″ 4 11.5 2 0.06981 4
11/2″ 4 13.5 2.25 0.06981 2.625
12/4″ 6 13.5 2.25 0.10472 2.625
2″ 8 17 2.875 0.13963 3.5
2″ 9 17 2.875 0.15708 4

Round Tube

Size CLR (draw) CLP min (roll) Collet Depth Inches/Degree Clamp Length
3/4″ 2.5 5.5 0.875 0.04363 1.25
1″ 3 7 1.25 0.05236 1.5
1 1/4″ 4 9 1.5 0.06981 1.875
1 1/2″ 5 10.5 1.875 0.08727 2.25
12/4″ 5.5 12.5 2.125 0.09599 2.75
2″ 6 14 2.375 0.10472 3.125
2 1/4″ 7 16 2.75 0.12217 3.5
2 1/2″ 8 18 2.8125 0.13963 3.625

Square Tube

Size CLR (draw) CLP min (roll) Collet Depth Inches/Degree Clamp Length
3/4″ 2.625 5.5 0.875 0.04581 1.625
1″ 4.5 7 1.25 0.07854 2.875
1 1/4″ 5 10.5 1.812 0.08727 2.625
1 1/2″ 5.5 12.5 1.812 0.09599 3.25
2″ 6 14 2.5 0.10472 5

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Superior Tube Bending Services From PBZ

Since 1947, PBZ has been delivering the products and services to help businesses and industries throughout the region be successful. We have the equipment, ingenuity and resourcefulness to help you overcome your most challenging applications and will work hard to win your complete satisfaction. In addition to offering superior tube bending services in Pennsylvania and beyond, we have the capability to take a project from the planning stages all the way to completion including engineering, manufacturing, finishingassembling and shipping.

Our highly trained and experienced staff call on extensive knowledge of local industries and the latest technologies to better serve our customers.

Additional services we provide include:

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Find the support you need to increase productivity and grow your business. Contact us online or call 717-721-5350 to request more information on tube bending services in Pennsylvania and to request a free quote. We also offer finishing, assembly and shipping services.

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