Functional Prototyping

Functional Prototyping

When you’re creating a metal product, sometimes it’s not enough to create a prototype that conveys the look and feel required. You want to go a few steps further, assessing the manufacturability, ergonomics, materials testing and usability of the piece. For these projects, you need functional prototyping — and PBZ Manufacturing can provide it.

PBZ Manufacturing specializes in helping companies scale and improve their prototyping and manufacturing processes. If you have products on the market and are looking to expand your prototyping efforts, please contact us to learn more about how we can help you take new products to market!

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What Is Functional Prototyping?

2D and 3D Modeling CapabilityFunctional prototyping is one of many steps between the formation of an idea and the creation of a finished product. Whether you’re starting with a basic concept or a proposed update to a tried-and-true product, you’ll need to combine your vision with a coordinated manufacturing strategy to bring it to life. A functional prototype will allow you to see how your product will work in the real world.

The Advantages of Making a Functional Prototype

Our prototyping services can help you and your business in a variety of ways. With a functional prototype, you can:

  • Give investors and customers an idea of what the completed product will look like.
  • Create multiple versions of your product with different colors and finishes to see what works best.
  • Streamline the production process.
  • Conduct market testing before moving forward with final production.
  • Identify design flaws and remove them from your product before manufacturing more.
  • Demonstrate the dimensions and features of your product.

With a functional prototype, you can gain a much clearer idea of what the product will be like during development.

Our Capabilities

When you first contact us, you’ll be connected to a project manager and/or an engineer who will help design and engineer the product in Solidworks software. You’ll then be able to see 3D renderings of what your product will look like.

After that, the team of experienced craftsmen at PBZ Manufacturing work with you to create a functional prototype of your new product.

We specialize in custom metal fabrication, including:

We’ll help you create high-quality prototypes while staying within the limits of your timeline and budget. When you request a quote from our team, you’ll hear back from us within six business hours. We’ll also explain the cost of your prototype upfront, so there’s no need to worry about unexpected fees.

Your One-Stop Shop for Prototyping Services and More

Our capabilities go beyond those of typical prototype manufacturing companies. When you use our comprehensive services, you can leave all the manufacturing details to us. We’ll take your idea and make it into a functional prototype for you. Then, we’ll make any adjustments you feel the prototype needs to become a finished product. Once we’ve finished, we’ll even package and deliver the product to your end users. You come up with the idea, and we’ll take care of the operation.

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If you have an idea for a new metal product, the PBZ Manufacturing team would love to help you turn it into a reality. Creating a functional prototype will be just the first step in our effective process of bringing your product to the consumers who need it. Put our resourcefulness to work by getting a quote online or calling 717-721-5350.

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