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A faster turnaround time for producing finished farming equipment means less costly waiting time and increased productivity. Adhering to farm machinery manufacturing timelines is essential for project completion and budgeting, so PBZ Manufacturing brings you several manufacturing capabilities from one facility.

Outsourcing several services for your farm equipment can take time and slow down your turnaround time. You may also get varied results by obtaining services from different sources. Sourcing a single manufacturing company like PBZ ensures you get comprehensive metal services under one roof, resulting in uniform tools and components for better predictions and increased quality efficiency.

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Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers

In the highly competitive agriculture and farming industry, having a reliable source for agricultural metal fabrication and machinery manufacturing provides an operational advantage. At PBZ, we specialize in delivering all-in-one solutions for developing and producing parts, products and machinery capable of boosting productivity and reducing costs and downtime. This all-inclusive approach can lessen the overall lead time of your projects and allow you to take on more business due to increased productivity and speed.

Farm machinery manufacturing companies like yours understand the importance of getting farm equipment up and running as soon as possible, which is why the full-service model at PBZ Manufacturing can help you from research through production and shipping. Whether you’re searching for a manufacturing partner to assist in the development of tools and attachments for farming equipment or replacement parts and components, we’re the agricultural machinery manufacturers with the capabilities to get the job done right.

Farm Machinery Manufacturing in PA

PBZ Machinery has supplied the farm equipment and machinery industry for over seven decades. We started as a small farm repair shop back in 1947, earning a reputation for offering quality farm machine welding and repair shop services, as well as becoming a go-to source for farm equipment parts. Today, we use the same ingenuity and resourcefulness to provide agricultural and farming manufacturing services to produce parts that are lighter in weight, more durable and easier to use than most traditional farm equipment alternatives.

We partner with farming equipment manufacturers whose machines are used for working with crops, livestock, greenhouses and horticulture. Our multi-step agricultural fabrication process eliminates extra layers and time-consuming tasks that drag productivity to a halt. Effective quality control and clear communication throughout the production and manufacturing process are the hallmarks of PBZ. Due to our one-stop-shop model for metal fabrication, your projects benefit from streamlined services and remain within your timelines.

At PBZ, we marry quality with convenience. Our agricultural manufacturing process ensures farm equipment is purpose-built for specific applications, while replacement parts and attachments deliver the same efficacy and reliability.

Agricultural Metal Fabrication for Farm Machinery

With our experience as an agricultural fabrication company, we consider your needs, including specific farming applications and field conditions to develop products that represent an efficient fit. From additional machine tools and attachments to other forms of agricultural and farming components, we’re the one-stop shop for everything on your farming equipment list.

PBZ designs and develops agriculture sprayers from the ground up. Our specialized metal cutting, welding and coating services ensure you receive robust farming equipment that you can deliver to your clients with pride.

We offer everything you need to take a product from concept to completion, including research and development, design, manufacturing and assembling at our PA shop and facility. Our coating and finishing capabilities ensure your farm equipment parts and machinery can withstand the harshest conditions and deliver a long and productive service life. 

Full-Service Agricultural and Farm Equipment Manufacturers

When you choose PBZ for agricultural fabrication projects, you eliminate the costs and complications of a multi-provider supply chain. Our expert laser cutting and welding services streamline the production and manufacturing process. Farm machinery manufacturing relies on good lead times and the production of reliable, robust metal parts and components.

Whether we’re manufacturing agricultural tank straps for farming equipment or other farming machine components, we use the latest tools and technologies throughout the process. We offer structural and flat laser cuttingpipe and tube bending, robotic welding and advanced precision machining services.

Our end-to-end services also include product testing and verification, as well as shipping and logistics. We have a variety of trucks leaving our loading dock every day to deliver your equipment and machinery to your location. You get comprehensive services for your farm equipment manufacturing enterprise when you partner with PBZ, as our metal services repair and design various farming tools for different farming methods and applications. 

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At PBZ, farming manufacturing excellence is in our DNA. Let us put our expertise and resourcefulness to work for you and your steel farming equipment! You won’t need to reach out to different providers to get comprehensive metal services for your farm equipment manufacturing. Our capabilities will provide you with engineering, manufacturing, finishing, assembling and shipping, increasing productivity and lowering your costs. 

Contact us online or call 717-721-5350 for more information and to request a free quote. Reach out to us to experience the full suite of services we offer the farming industry to cater to your unique product range. You’ll hear back from us within four business hours.

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