3D Tube Laser Cutting

3D Tube Laser Cutting Services in Lititz, PA

PBZ understands that reducing lead times on fabricated parts without sacrificing quality is a must for every manufacturer. Providing high-quality and precise 3D tube laser cutting services in Pennsylvania, we tackle every project with a do-it-all, one-stop-shop approach that offers you many advantages. Here are just a few of the benefits you receive by partnering with PBZ manufacturing for all of your 3D tube cutting needs.

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Why Use Tube Laser Cutting Services?

Traditional tube laser cutting methods still deliver quality results, but they’re nowhere near as quick, efficient or precise as 3D laser cutting. As compared to sawing, coping, drilling and other fabrication processes, 3D laser cutting provides state-of-the-art technology that effortlessly delivers on your specifications.

We Offer Premier 3D Laser Cutting Technology

PBZ’s programmable 3D structural lasers, also known as tube cutting lasers, are always prepped and ready for your project. They give you:

  • Accuracy within .005″ on most products
  • Consistency from the first cut to the 100th

Mild Steel

Shape Min. Size Max. Size Max. Wall Thickness
Square 0.75 8 0.75
Round 0.75 10.51 od 0.75
Rectangle 0.75 10 x 8 0.75


Shape Min. Size Max. Size Max. Wall Thickness
Square 0.75 8 0.25
Round 0.75 10.51 od 0.25
Rectangle 0.75 10 x 8  0.25

Stainless Steel

Shape Min. Size Max. Size Max. Wall Thickness
Square 0.75 8 0.375
Round 0.75 10.51 od 0.375
Rectangle 0.75 10 x 8  0.375

You’ll find that our industry-leading tube laser cutting services and other capabilities save you time and reduce your operating costs. We can handle many profile options for your tubes, including channel, rectangle, round, square, angle and other custom options.

Whether you need stainless or mild steel or aluminum laser cut components, PBZ Manufacturing is here to help. We use precision laser cutting to complete tasks like adding part numbers, assembly notes and weld lines.

Custom Tube Ends

We use a precision tube laser to help you complete projects of any size as quickly as possible. PBZ Manufacturing aims to create custom tube ends that meet your needs, which may include mitering, coping and tabbing. We can also handle bend cuts with services from certified welders.

We provide slot and tab joints to ensure accurate tube placement. Our custom tube end services help you save time and money by getting the job done right the first time.

Other Benefits of Allowing PBZ Manufacturing to Work on Your 3D Laser Cutting Project

We’re a 3D laser cutting company and full-service manufacturer that employs cutting-edge technology and experienced fabricators to deliver on demands while reducing costs and improving manufacturing lead times. We’re confident that you’ll experience a number of positives when working with us, including:

Many structural lasers are limited to 5.5 inches round or square. We can go up to 10 inches round, or 8 inches square. We can handle stock up to 27 feet in raw length and 14 feet in finished part length.

We offer unique metal cutting capabilities, such as cutting slots and tabs on adjoining parts for jigless assembly.

We operate robust laser cutting technology that delivers reliable results on tough materials. Our lasers can cut thicknesses up to ¾-inch mild steel.

Our laser-cutting machinery helps eliminate the possibility of human error, which reduces waste and saves time.

You have the convenience of knowing that our lasers are ready to re-run any project we’ve already programmed and produced for you.

Many laser heads move along two axes (perpendicular and vertical.) However, our six-axis rotary head laser can also move longitudinal, and we can rotate the head 360°, thus varying the angle of approach. Use this method for chamfering (beveling), countersinking, and other specialized precision metal cutting. 

Laser cutting with PBZ is more accurate, efficient, takes less labor, and provides better lead time than other methods, such as band saws or torching. We offer superb coverage that allows us to take on several different project specifications, and we’ll collaborate with you to determine all your requirements.

Why Work With PBZ?

At PBZ Manufacturing, we offer many benefits for your manufacturing processes to help reduce costs and make project completion go faster. The advantages of partnering with us include:

  • Experienced professionals: The PBZ team has years of experience across all our abilities and a group of certified welders. We take pride in being a reliable manufacturer of your components.
  • Reduced lead times: We minimize lead times for projects with a wide range of manufacturing abilities. Our all-in-one approach can help you cut costs while maintaining quality.
  • Better design and engineering: We create 3D CAD drawings in Solidworks to design and develop projects quickly. We take this extra step to confirm we have precise measurements and ensure we’ve met all your requirements before we start the fabrication, laser cutting or other processes.

We emphasize collaboration across all projects with the help of our 3D tube laser cutting and other manufacturing services. When your project is done, you can pick it up or have us ship it to you.

Inquire About 3D Tube Cutting Services From PBZ Manufacturing

At PBZ, our goal is to help you get rid of layers in your supply chain with our set of comprehensive services — including 3D tube cutting. Whether you need product design, manufacturing, shaping or assembly, our team is here to help. Contact us online for laser cutting services in Pennsylvania. You’ll hear back from us within 4 business hours.

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