Advantages of 3D Laser Cutting

The 3D laser cutting process is a top choice for automotive, aerospace, electronics and other engineering applications that require complex parts to be manufactured at high production rates. This high-precision process uses a laser beam to make cuts in various materials. Compared to traditional cutting methods, 3D laser cutting is significantly more efficient.

What Is 3D Cutting?

During the 3D laser cutting process, a laser beam cuts different types of tubing, angle iron, and I-beams. This method allows you to cut holes of any shape, create beveled edges in tubing walls, form “fish mouth” ends on round tubing, and perform other high-precision cutting tasks.

3D laser cutting is often used as an alternative to machining, as it produces results with the same level of exactness at lower costs.

Here are some of the top benefits of laser cutting:

1. Speed

Laser cutting is much faster than mechanical cutting methods, especially for producing complicated cuts.

2. Quality

With 3D laser cutting, you won’t sacrifice quality for speed. Depending on your setup and materials, 3D laser cutters leave only a small, barely noticeable burr. This cutting process creates only a small heat-affected zone (HAZ), reducing distortion and warping in your material for more reliable finished parts.

3. Versatility

Laser cutting can be done on many different materials, such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. The same laser cutting machine can be configured to perform work on different materials with various profiles, including various thicknesses and sizes of round, square and rectangular tubing, angle, and I-beams.

4. Precision

With 3D laser cutting, you can achieve exceptionally accurate cuts with a clean, smooth finish. It provides results on most products that are +/- .005″ (0.127 millimeters) from the desired specifications, so no after-treatment or added tolerances are required.

This high level of precision reduces material waste for a more environmentally-friendly process that saves you money on materials.

5. Safety

Laser cutting is a safe cutting process. The laser beam is contained in a sealed, light-tight box, reducing the risk of damage and injury.

6. No-Contact Operation

During the laser cutting process, only the laser beam comes into contact with your material. Because there is no machinery touching the material, the process prevents mechanical friction and wear to reduce costly damage.

7. Low Power Consumption

Laser cutting requires much less power than traditional cutting processes, keeping energy costs low with greater efficiency even in high-volume applications.

3D Laser Cutting Services From PBZ Manufacturing

Compared to traditional cutting methods like drilling and sawing, 3D laser cutting gives you quicker and more precise results with greater efficiency. When you choose our 3D laser cutting services, you can count on:

  • Expanded capacity. Our lasers go up to 8″ square or 10″ round, while most structural lasers are limited to 5.5″ square or round. We can also handle stock up to 26′ long.
  • Unique capabilities. Our high-performance lasers have unique capabilities, such as cutting tabs and slots on adjoining parts for jigless assembly.
  • Deep cuts. Our lasers offer robust cutting performance with the ability to cut as deep as 3/4″ into steel.
  • Repeatability. Once we’ve programmed our equipment and produced an item for you, we can re-run your projects quickly and easily.
  • Excellent coverage. Most laser heads move along two axes — vertical and perpendicular. Our six-axis rotary-head laser can also move longitudinally, and we can vary the approach by rotating the head a full 360 degrees. This method is ideal for countersinking, beveling and other forms of specialized precision metal cutting.

If you are interested in our 3D laser cutting services, contact us today for a free quote or call 717-584-8767.

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