PBZ Manufacturing Acquires East Coast Fabricating

Our team at PBZ Manufacturing is proud to announce that we have recently acquired East Coast Fabricating! While we will continue to provide our usual contract manufacturing services, we are excited to offer some new capabilities to our repertoire in addition to the quality you’ve come to expect.

New Capabilities We Will Offer With East Coast Fabricating

Our acquisition of East Coast Fabricating lets us expand our broad range of resourceful manufacturing offerings and better serve our clients’ needs. Here are the new services we will be offering:

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is the process of cutting through conductive metals like aluminum, steel, brass and copper with an accelerated jet of hot plasma. Manufacturers can use a plasma cutting machine to cut custom holes and shapes from plate and sheet metal, pipes and bolts.

Traditional flame-cutting techniques can’t cut certain metals, making plasma cutting a viable option for many projects. Operating a plasma cutter typically costs less than a laser cutter, and it’s better for slicing through thicker metal.

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Robotic Welding

An advanced version of automated welding, robotic welding uses a robot arm to fuse parts. A machine conducts the welding, but human welders still control and oversee the process.

Many people know East Coast Fabricating as a leader in robotic welding systems. Our certified welders are proud to carry on this legacy by adding robotic welding to our range of resourceful manufacturing services. Robotic welding is ideal for large, repetitive projects you must complete quickly.

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Learn More About Our Services at PBZ Manufacturing

When you partner with PBZ Manufacturing for your production requirements, you’ll receive the same quality services from East Coast Fabricating — just under a new name. We’re a one-stop shop for manufacturing projects, including cutting and welding, finishing services, assembly, shipping and many more.

From planning to completion, trust us to deliver a personalized experience and outstanding results that exceed your expectations. Contact us to learn more about what we do or request a free quote.

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