Custom Manufacturing vs. Mass Production

Production processes fall into two main categories — custom manufacturing and mass production. The process best-suited to your specific application depends on numerous factors, including the level of product customization you need, how quickly the product must be ready to go to market and your desired quantity.

Read on to learn about the similarities and differences between these two processes and how PBZ Manufacturing offers high-quality manufacturing solutions that give you the best of both worlds.

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What Is Mass Production?

Mass production is ideal for producing large quantities of a product using the same manufacturing process. With mass production, customers typically choose from pre-designed stock options with limited flexibility to alter features.

You can create products faster with mass production, as manufacturing companies use assembly lines and automated processes to produce more in less time with greater precision. Mass production is a highly regimented process where each machine and assembly line employee has one specific task. The machines do most of the work, which keeps labor costs relatively low.

If there is a high demand to bring your product to market, mass production may be the best choice for your application.

What Is Custom Manufacturing?

Customers choose a custom manufacturing process when they need unique products designed and engineered to order. Because of the specific nature of this manufacturing process, it is best suited to smaller quantities.

Custom manufacturing is performed primarily by hand in workshops, making it a slower process than mass production. This hands-on approach to manufacturing also allows for more frequent quality inspection checks throughout the manufacturing process.

Custom manufacturing requires greater fluidity at each step of production to achieve a final product that meets the customer’s specific requirements. It is also easier to make changes with custom manufacturing than mass production, which requires more linear, rigid processes to produce large quantities quickly.

Custom manufacturing is usually more expensive than mass production due to the amount of specialized work, but it allows your product to be produced with a level of customization you won’t get with mass production.

Our Unique Blend of Manufacturing Processes

At PBZ, our manufacturing process is a unique blend of mass and custom production.

First, we work with you to create a custom solution that meets all your product specifications. Then, we replicate the product in batches to achieve mass customization. With our hybrid process, you get everything you are looking for — customized products manufactured in large quantities quickly and reliably.

We know that streamlining processes to reduce costs, while ensuring the integrity of your product, is essential. As a full-service metal manufacturer with more than seven decades of experience, we have the one-stop shop capabilities you need to make your project a success. We will design an exclusive manufacturing solution that saves you time and money in your supply chain without sacrificing quality.

To see how PBZ manufacturing can benefit you, contact us today to request your free quote or call 717-584-8767 and learn more about partnering with us on your next project.

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