Our Engineering Process

As a full-service manufacturer, PBZ provides essential services for every step of product creation. Our engineering process includes detailed plans and advanced modeling to combine your vision with our manufacturing strategies.

When you first reach out to us about your project, we connect you with a project manager or engineer who designs and engineers your product using SolidWorks software. SolidWorks is a computer-aided design (CAD) and engineering program that creates 2D and 3D models to be manufactured. Our experienced engineering team works with you to create these models, enabling you to see how your product will function in the real world.

We work within your timeline and budget to provide models that allow you to assess your product’s material quality, ergonomics, manufacturability and usability. The 2D and 3D models provide rich details so we can detect any flaws or weaknesses early in the process, saving you time and money down the line.

When you partner with us, we take the time to understand your unique requirements and offer solutions that meet all your needs. We provide costs upfront so there are no surprises, and we make all of your requested adjustments to create the perfect finished product.

Advantages of Our Engineering Process

Our efficient engineering process allows you to:

  • See multiple versions of your product in different colors and finishes so you can determine what works best.
  • Identify and remove design flaws.
  • Find opportunities to streamline production by removing costly, time-consuming layers from the manufacturing process.
  • Conduct market testing before the product is manufactured.
  • Provide customers with an idea of what your product will look like.
  • Evaluate performance under a range of conditions.

These capabilities allow us to shorten lead times and reduce costs while producing reliable products that meet all your specifications. Whether you are producing new system parts, working on a public infrastructure project or managing assets for compliance, you will get the high-quality engineering services you need from PBZ Manufacturing.

PBZ Manufacturing Is Your Full-Service Partner

Once we’ve settled on the right engineering model, we provide everything you need to bring your product to life. As a one-stop shop, we offer:

As an experienced manufacturer with more than 70 years in business, PBZ takes your project from the planning stages to completion successfully. With our advanced engineering capabilities, we lay the foundation for a streamlined manufacturing process that saves you time and money.

Request a free quote from us today for more details about our services.

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