Zinc Plating

Zinc Plating

You want a partner you can count on when you’re outsourcing zinc plating to a third-party contractor. PBZ has provided trustworthy customer service with family values for over seven decades from our base in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We’re a full-service metal manufacturer with end-to-end supply chain and logistics services. We can connect you with a local, reliable zinc plating contractor and walk you through the process.

Zinc plating is highly effective across many industries and applications. The main benefit is that zinc provides a smooth, clean finish and strongly resists the forces of oxidization. It’s also environmentally friendly and has a relatively low price point.

In fact, manufacturers often use zinc as a sacrificial anode to protect a substrate. In other words, zinc protects the surfaces of valuable metals like carbon steel by coating them. When the finished product is in use, the zinc erodes very slowly, meaning it takes a long time for the corrosion and rust to reach the steel itself.

Whatever your application, PBZ will assist you in finding the right zinc plating company for your project and guide you through the logistics.

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Zinc Coating Services

Protecting metal from corrosion with zinc electroplating is highly effective, but it does require a complex process. There are several different types of zinc plating services that our third-party Lancaster partners can provide. Several of these solutions include:

  • Barrel and rack plating: This process applies electroplated zinc coatings in bulk on fasteners, bolts and much more. It’s also possible to accommodate intricate or heavy parts individually on an automatic rack electroplating line.
  • Acid and alkaline zinc electroplated coating: Alkaline zinc coating is effective for providing a bright finish in parts with deep recesses or inner diameters where you might need high throwing power. Acid zinc electroplated coatings are usually ideal for heat-treated steel parts.
  • Conversion coatings: Trivalent and hexavalent chromium conversion coatings provide extra corrosion resistance and brighter coloring, with a number of color options for each.

Finding Your Zinc Coating Company

When you need zinc coating services, there’s a level of trust you need to place in your third-party partner. That’s why PBZ offers decades of experience to refer you to a reputable company in the Lancaster area.

We have a team of logistics and supply chain consultants to study your business plan and help you find your most economical and effective path to zinc plating. The PBZ team can also recommend and provide start-to-finish supply chain services so you can stay a step ahead of the competition.

All-in-One Manufacturing Services

PBZ specializes in bringing all of the manufacturing services you need under one roof. After we arrange and follow through on coating services from our partner, we can take your coated parts and complete the manufacturing process in-house by assembling the components and handling shipping to your warehouse or the consumer. PBZ has end-to-end metal manufacturing solutions to take an engineering design in the computer and provide you with a finished product out for delivery.

Select Your Zinc Plating Services in Lancaster Today

The PBZ team can use our more than seven decades of experience serving Pennsylvania and beyond to help you find a reputable third-party zinc plating partner. We put our team to work on taking care of the logistics so you can have peace of mind that a crucial part of your supply chain is under professional management.

Want to find out more about zinc plating services? Contact the PBZ team by filling out our quick contact online form or by calling 717-721-5350 and we’ll get back to you within 4 business hours.

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