Custom Machining

Custom Machining

Reliability is key when you need a high-quality part manufactured on time and within your budget constraints. That’s why PBZ offers contract manufacturing services in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We have over 70 years of experience in metal manufacturing and relationships with a network of contractual partners you can trust for five-star custom machining.

Custom machining uses CNC centers to create parts that are produced specifically for your project and are either entirely new or very rare. This process can yield pieces for a unique item or save on the cost of rare components from a supplier. The size and scope of the part can range from something as simple as a button to a new invention.

There are also instances where an everyday part needs customized modifications like text engraving or a specialized adapter. You’re free from the constraints of standardized designs since the CNC machine can produce entirely new and unique components.

Custom machining can help you put the finishing touches on the vision for your project. PBZ is a family-owned business with a legacy of personalized customer service for over 70 years. We’ll walk with you through finding the perfect third-party contract partner and making your design a reality.

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Custom Machining Services

Since the custom machining process includes numerous steps, starting with engineers creating computer-aided design (CAD) plans for review before any production happens, you want someone with experience on your side. Fortunately, the process can be simple with the help of PBZ. We’ve been in the metal manufacturing business for over seven decades, so we know how to steer you past cookie-cutter ideas or templates to a custom machining solution customized to you.

PBZ has associate third-party companies that can offer a host of different custom machining services to boost your production. These services include CNC milling and turning, CNC router applications, plasma and laser cutting, and more.

Finding a Contract Custom Machining Company

Every partnership calls for a sound relationship, and when you need a custom part quickly or within a tight budget, you want someone you can trust. PBZ is a family-owned business with a track record of success in our community because we care about our customers.

As a complete manufacturing and supply chain solution, PBZ offers consultants to walk you through every stage of your process. We meet with you to discuss why you need your part and work with you to examine the big picture. This process allows us to help maximize your supply chain value and find your unique competitive advantage.

Full-Service Manufacturing Solutions

As one of our custom machining clients, you’ll find everything you need to produce an outstanding final product at PBZ. We provide in-house 2D and 3D CAD electronic modeling development to ensure you have the utmost confidence in your part design before sending it to our custom machine production partner. Once your custom part is complete, we can also provide services like product assembly, finishing, shipping and more.

PBZ is here to walk with you from concept to finished product every time with quality assurance and accountability from a single source.

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Connect With a Custom Machining Company in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

PBZ will help you find a custom machining company and walk you through the process as an advocate to make sure you receive outstanding service. Our experienced team of supply chain consultants can also help you figure out how to maximize the productivity of your supply chain and recommend other services you may need.

Ready to learn more? Fill out our quick contact form online or call 717-721-5350 and begin your journey toward a custom machining solution.

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