Anodizing is a metal treatment process that offers unparalleled durability, life span and aesthetics. While PBZ Manufacturing doesn’t provide aluminum anodizing services in-house, we can facilitate this service for you as part of the contract manufacturing process.

For instance, if you want to work with one vendor for tube bending, laser cutting and anodizing, we can provide those first two services in-house, then facilitate anodizing via a partner. That way, you don’t have to find a different partner for every service. Read on to learn more about aluminum anodizing and the benefits of this process.

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What Is Aluminum Anodizing?

Anodized aluminum has been treated to achieve a highly durable, corrosion-resistant finish. Anodizing is an electrochemical process converting a metal surface into an anodic oxide finish.

The aluminum is immersed in an acid electrolyte bath. A cathode mounts inside the anodizing tank. The aluminum acts as an anode, releasing oxygen ions from the electrolyte to combine with the aluminum atoms at the part’s surface.

Originating from the aluminum substrate, the anodic oxide structure consists entirely of aluminum oxide. In other words, the anodized layer is developed by the aluminum itself instead of being human-applied. As a result, the anodized aluminum does not flake, chip or peel. Its porous structure enables secondary processes like coloring and sealing.

Anodized aluminum can be used to manufacture a variety of products, such as:

  • Laptop frames
  • Smartphone cases
  • Window frames
  • Tablet enclosures
  • Doors
  • Automotive trim
  • Cookware
  • Exterior facades
  • Bike frames

The Benefits of Anodizing Aluminum

Anodized aluminum is harder and more robust than its non-anodized counterpart. Furthermore, it’s lighter than other metals like copper and stainless steel. These properties make it ideal for various manufacturing applications. Below are some benefits of anodizing aluminum.

Anodizing creates a highly controlled oxide layer, which provides superior adhesion, corrosion resistance and durability. The aluminum can perform well for decades with the appropriate anodic layer thickness, even for demanding applications like external building construction.

Anodized aluminum typically won’t see abrasions, scars and fading from handling, fabrication, installation, cleaning and usage. Mild soap and water will generally restore an anodized aluminum surface to its original appearance. You can use mild abrasive cleaners for more challenging deposits.

An anodized finish is nontoxic, chemically stable, heat-resistant to aluminum’s melting point and will not decompose. Because anodizing involves a naturally occurring oxide process, it does not produce hazardous by-products — and, therefore, doesn’t pose a hazard to human health.

Anodizing provides many color and gloss options while eliminating or minimizing color variations. Anodizing helps the aluminum maintain a beautiful metallic appearance.

Find Aluminum Anodizing Near You With PBZ Manufacturing

PBZ Manufacturing is a full-service metal manufacturer providing one-stop shop capabilities in engineering, assembling, finishing and shipping. Our Pennsylvania-based contract manufacturing services aim to:

  • Remove excess layers from your supply chain.
  • Reduce your project completion timeline.
  • Lower your manufacturing costs.
  • Meet your exact product specifications.

Our many capabilities include flat and tube laser cutting, welding, press brake, finishing, shipping and logistics and more. We’re ready to assist you in each step of the process, from initial design to completion and shipping. If you’re interested in our range of metal services and connecting with an aluminum anodizing services provider, reach out to us today!

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