Shop Drawing Capabilities and Process

At PBZ Manufacturing, our shop drawing process moves you from initial communication to the drafting/design stage and early production.

Our Two Main Entry Points

We have two different processes to fit our customers’ specifications. When we first get to know our customers and their projects, we determine which entry point fits their situation and move forward from there:

  • Entry point 1: In this situation, the customer already has a 3D model or 2D print/file that we can work with for the project. When the customer knows what they’re looking for, we have fewer initial questions and can provide a faster turnaround. This process usually takes one to three weeks between initial talks and starting production. However, timing varies because each project is custom.
  • Entry point 2: When a customer comes to us with a sketch/idea, rather than a manufacturing print or 3D model, we work with them to ensure that we have obtained the precise specs for manufacturing. We review details such as material selection, tolerances, finish details, and shipping information. Initial conversations and the modeling process may take longer to complete from this entry point since we must first understand and match customer specs.

Whatever your situation, our team can provide trusted solutions to address your essential requirements.

Our Drafting/Design Process

We tailor our process to meet our customers’ specific applications. We generally follow these three steps…

1. Initial Discussion on Project Scope/Details

Our first step in the manufacturing process is to talk with our customer to learn what they need. Our experienced team will gather product data, and we’ll make sure we have the appropriate specs for manufacturing. If a customer brings a sketch but doesn’t have a 3D model/print, we’ll ask additional, comprehensive questions to ensure we’re meeting their requirements.

2. 3D Model Design/Creation

Once we’ve established the specs, we move into the design phase. We use SolidWorks to draft/design a production model, and sometimes perform simulation/stress analysis if needed.

3. Manufacturing Prints Developed

Once our customer approves the SolidWorks model, the final step is to make the manufacturing prints. Our manufacturing prints are what we use to fabricate the final product. These prints help us deliver a result that precisely matches our customers’ expectations.

Reach Out to Us About Your Shop Drawing Needs

Choose PBZ Manufacturing for extensive shop drawing capabilities for your applications. If you need commercial fabrication services, contact us for a quote today!

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